Pacific North Left. 18. Good vibes. High all the time.

I really used to be a huge mess not even that long ago. I’m a lot better now. I’m fucking going to college in two days. I’ve always wanted to go to back to canada and I fucking made it happen. I’ve got more than enough money and everything I need to start the year- debt free this term, I might add. I’m just so grateful for my life and this opportunity. I’m so grateful for the brilliant friends and lasting bonds I’ve made along the way, and for those I’ve yet to know. I’m grateful for the beautiful place I get to live, the room, the people, the balconies, the view; mountains, forest, I’m grateful for the person I become when I’m there, the feeling that I can do everything I want to do. I’m grateful for my parents, such amazing people who have learned from me as much as I’ve learned from them. mu

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